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Matty P

My Grandpa gave me a 1946 Gillette Super Speed. This is what it looks like

After using Mach 3's forever and still getting some razor burn, I finally took the dive and overcame my fears of cutting a major artery.

I recently purchased a brush and soap kit from Burt's Bees, and away I went.

WOW, I'm in total agreeance with Kaylore. After a month using the double edged razor, brush and soap, i absolutely love it.

Never going back to anything else ever again.

And a pack of replacement blades costs 4 bucks at Walgreens.

I've noticed that I can come from my sideburn area, allllll the way down to my lower neck;flip the blade over, come all the way back up that same line and my skin is smoother than a baby's ass. Shaving is now a joy.

I will say this screw up with this puppy, and chunks of skin will be missing.

Hooray for old fashioned shaving

great thread by the way - i'm going to order one of those badger haired brushes soon
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