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The off-season.
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Originally Posted by Breck Bronc
I wouldn't trade Brad May for Jose Theodore, let alone Laperriere, Hinote and Fritsche.
Right. It's a stupid trade. Theodore hasn't been decent in a couple of seasons now. Trading away Laperriere and Hinote is basically giving away your grit. You still need chippy players...even in this incarnation of the NHL. Aebischer(sp?) is playing well now. Obviously they need a solid backup, but not at that price. It's too least for what they'd purportedly be getting back in return.

If Lacroix wants a name goalie...he should throw the bank at the Panthers and try to pry Luongo away. The writing is on the wall in Florida. Roberto wants out. The price would be far greater than Lappy, and Hinote, but you'd be getting a legit stud. Not some guy named after one of the Chipmunks whose family runs a loan-sharking business.

I don't get to see the Avs as much as those of you living in CO, but in my estimation the Avs still need to replace Konowalchuk, and they need a solid defenseman.
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