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Originally Posted by Nuggets4
And ANOTHER season in which the Mavs fall short of the NBA finals.

It doesnt look like it right now. The Mavs have set the pace for the Western conference. The Spurs are fighting to keep up with them. The Mavs have challenged the Spurs to get their act together far before they have done in their recent years, and the Spurs have struggled to do so. That's not taking anything away from SA, who has done as well as Dallas in regards to dealing with setbacks.

The Mavs are 5-1 against the NBA's best. Including a 30+ point win over Detroit (Detroit's 1st loss of the season) and a 20 point victory over SA. Their only loss in that group was a 2 point loss to SA. That win total also includes 2 wins vs. Phoenix, including a season-opening 17 point comeback in the 4th period where Dirk dominated both ends of the floor scoring 3 straight 3 pointers to put the Mavs within a bucket on an 11-0 Dirk vs. Phoenix run. They have already dominated Miami, a full strength Indiana team, etc, etc.

Dallas is really good this season. If they win the west (which looks like a probability), they could topple the Spurs in the playoffs and represent the West against Detroit. Dallas is championship calibur this season. In the past, certain things had to improve for Dallas to make noise. That's not the case this season...they are a complete team and are actually one of the more physical interior teams in the NBA. They get most of their points in the paint and block shots as well as anyone in the NBA. They can score with anyone, defend with anyone, show more looks on offense and defense than anyone, are well coached, are the deepest team in the league, and have begun setting all-time records with their success this season.

You cant overlook them as being a function of their past. They are a different team. Nash (the Mav playoff dud) is in Phoenix. I could go on, but I doubt you have read this far anyhow...

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