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Originally Posted by Ray Finkle
That is how I feel as well. I really stopped listening to them when I did security (fraternity fund raiser) for the family values tour with them, Limp Bizkit, and Rammstein (great live). I was at the backstage area and by the loading dock making sure fans didn't sneak in. After having one of the groupies from Rammstein feel sorry for me an getting some drinks, I was having a great time.

Right after the show ended, I had to stay watch over the main entrance and make sure all the kids didn't rush in. All these kids were about 14-15 and one of the roadies for Korn came out to talk to them. He looked at me and told me to leave, I told him no. He said he needs to ask the fans something that as a security guard, I shouldn't hear. I told him that he was either going to have to ask them there or leave. He started yelling to the kids that Korn needs some coke and for any drug dealer to come up to him.

Dropped my views of the big time. I get that they are in a band and do that stuff but there are others ways to have gone about that then yelling it into a crowd of fans....

I did get to the dressing room and had a beer with them, orgy, rammstein.....
yeah...especially when the fans are a bunch of kids.

I know that one of those guys quit that band to commit time to his family and lead a more responsible life. I think that it was the guitar player, but Im not sure which one.
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