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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by B-Love
Does anyone here have any Flogging Molly's CD's?? I was recently introduced to a few songs and I thought they were great.

It's Irish traditional folksy music mixed with punk. Sounded real cool to me.

If anyone would burn me some of their CD's, I'd be happy to make some Broncos game copies for you.

Dave King, who was the lead singer for Fastway back in the early to mid 80's, is the singer of this band.

Fastway was my first band I ever saw live since they opened up for AC/DC on their Flick of the Switch tour in either 82 or 83. Since Fastway opened, they were my first live band ever. I loved Fastway's first two records as well.

And now nearly 25 years later Dave King is singing Irish Folk-Punk Rock.
You know, I've never heard any Molly's that I can this like The Pogues B?
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