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Originally Posted by FADERPROOF
Same here, I wanted to see if Korn could hit it as big with Life is Peachy as they did with their self-titled debut, and as soon as I heard Twist then I knew it was going to be an awesome CD.

The Korn CD is pretty decent, but I really wish that somehow they could bring back their old sound of the first 2 CD's, follow the leader was just so damn different that it took me awhile to warm up to it, then Issues came out and it was darker than FTL(obviously, since FTL was a pop album for Korn's standards) but it still wasn't very good.

Untouchables was a nice step up from the last 2 Korn CD's(FTL and Issues) but still had that kind of pop-ish sound to it, but I really liked Take a look in the mirror(thought it was their best CD since Life is Peachy and was the closest that they came to their original sound.)

While Korn is still one of my favorite bands, I urn for them to come out with a CD that is just like Life is Peachy, I want them to go back to the hard edge rock with Jonathan Davis just screaming about how much he ****ing hates everything, those were the Korn days.
Hardly my favorite band now, but it's pretty awesome for getting psyched out for occasions.

Almost anyone song from the first two CD do the trick for me.
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