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Originally Posted by scorpio
I bought a Gillette Sensor 3 on the advice of a friend and cut the **** out of myself 3 times in one week. Then I switched to Shick Extreme 3 disposables with an aloe strip and haven't had any problems.

The old school shaving intrigues me, though.
I ended up having to use some disposables instead of my Gillette and it ended up looking like a crime scene. Schick makes a good disposable. Anything but Schick disposables suck IMHO.

A virbrating shaver? I have a vibrating toothbrush. I don't know. Why not.

Originally Posted by watermock
anyone shave their balls? And how do you do it...?

Take a hammer. Flatten your nut sack. Apply shaving cream. Shave normaly.

Do not put any after shave on them. Use Jack Daniel's. If you haven't passed out from the first step you'll need it.

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