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Originally Posted by -Slap-
Tiger, you said you like your Blues as raw as it comes. I can listen to Hound Dog Taylor or Jimmy Reed all day. Now, when you get into the Son House kind of stuff, you're talking about a couple steps up from field recordings. Great stuff.

The deeper I get into the Blues, the more my respect grows for Willie Dixon. He didn't break out as a big star as a performer, but his fingerprints are all over the Blues. He was a starmaker, who wrote and co-wrote dozens of enduring classics. Industry giants like Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters and many others owe a lot to him.

---I didn't realize that he was so instrumental to Cobra and Chess records. I didn't ever associate him with Bo Diddly, Buddy Guy or Otis Rush. I just thought of him as another blues man. Thanks for the heads up. The more I learn the smarter I ain't.
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