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Chris Harris

I used to use razors then I switched to electric shavers. This bothered my skin at first but after a week or two they no longer bothered me and the shave was really close.

However, I was at a friend's house and he had a Mach 3 razor that vibrates. I used it at his house and I was sold. I went out and bought one the next day for 20 bucks, and a pack of 5 razors for 20 bucks too.

That was 8 months ago and Im on my second razor. There is no slamming the razor against the sink to clear out the stubble, the subtle vibration knocks it out all immediately. The Gilette gel shave cream I use is perfect when put on a light coat and as with any type of shaving, a warm face and warm facial haris is best to cut. Generally if I dont shave right when I get out of the shower, I will use a hot towel and wrap it around my face and neck before I shave., Usually a minute or two is sufficient to soften the hair.

Further, this 3 pronged vibrating razor has not cut me one time in my 6 months of using it. I am plenty happy with the end results.

*Razor time length may vary. I shave on average once every 4 days because Im lazy.
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