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My Festus/Jake beard got beaten down on the Monday after the catasrophe. Took me damn an hour. I was lookin' skid row. I didn't look like Jesus, more like Festus. But Festus was a good man too. He was kinda like Pubes with Shanny come to think of it. When Matt was out of town Festus would hold down the town. I still laugh about Matt's and Kitty's friendship upstairs...

Those are good shows. Mind wandering...must refocus...this is offeseason...mind wanders more...Bonanza was idiotic but amusing as well...Remember Mannix? Heh...He was pretty crafty too...I haven't had a Mannix sighing in years. OK, my alzhiemers is briefly gone...

I just use the Bic for sensitive problem as allready posted is seems like multi blades are not only rediculously expensive, they just clog even worse. Single blade Sensitive Skin razors are my choice, and I usually only use them twice. I had a bush! It was my lucky charm for Jake and he lays an egg.

I was starting to get money out of the liquor store change bucket. I could make it as a full time fact...I kinda did at the lake or the coal box car in Durango with a true bum. I just wanted the exerience of being a bum for some reason.

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