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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ
Wow, I guess I just don't take shaving that seriously...
It's not about taking it seriously so to speak, but It's just giving it some thought and looking if something better is out there. The whole process takes a few minutes (about five) longer than what it used to, but it's closer shave, it's way more fun, and my skin is in better condition. Not only that, your razor and the blade will last longer, and the soap products are cheaper and last longer than the gels and foams. If anything it's worth a look.

The Straight Razor Shave
Hold the razor securely by placing the pads of your index and second fingers on the shank, your thumb under the shank and against the shoulder, the handle raised vertically between your middle and ring fingers, and your ring and pinky fingers resting inside the crescent-shaped tang.
Baby steps, Slap, Baby Steps.

Though I would eventually like to try a straight razor shave, but I'll practice on a balloon first.
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