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Originally Posted by Nuggets4
Reggaeton isn't really salsa though. It's just rap with REALLY loud samba bass lines under it.
I love this music because it kind of defies everything but says some pretty interesting things...a very old message by the way

Summation: Oh yeah! Well I'm going to take your music, your rap beat, spice it up with whatever latin beat I feel like at the time (Salsa, Samba, Merenge, or even Bossa Nova) and I'm not gonna share it with you because you ain't from around here!

I'm hearing a lot more than I have before. It kind of goes back to the days of the Fainia All Stars heyday in the 70's or the whole Afro Cuban sound. You'll see stars from both sounds wandering into the others. I guess .50 made an appearance in some Reggaeton artists music.
Prior to Delicate & Jumpy, the last "regular" Fania All Stars album on Fania for a couple of years was the solid Tribute To Tito Rodriguez, introducing Ruben Blades to the band. The Columbia series continued in lightweight vein with Rhythm Machine, again with the slimmed down Fania All Stars and keyboard player Bob James (executive producer) and guitarist Eric Gale guesting; and Spanish Fever (1978), with guests Maynard Ferguson, Hubert Laws, David Sanborn, Gale and others
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