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Originally Posted by Hogan11
While I absolutely have no problem with anyone of these guys at all...I was giving QT a list of what I felt was raw blues based upon Elmore James (kinda wild bottleneck playing, SBWII aside)....but you can't go wrong with any of these guys either. Magic Sam's West Side Soul I would include with LABF's list.

For jazz, have you checked out the Bill Evans Trio? Waltz For Debby is one of my faves of all time and it's great chill out music.....saved me from going over the edge in a traffic jam around DC a couple of years back.

I love Adderley as listed Something Else I believe.....a great release but you need to get the immortal Mercy, Mercy, Mercy perhaps my fave jazz CD of all time. Everyone's heard Ramsey Lewis's The "In" Crowd before...if you like that, then you'll love the album by the same name.

If you're interested in Fusion, LABF is your Man and no doubt he can take you much deeper in these areas....but the Mahvishnu Orchestra's The Inner Mounting Flame & Birds Of Fire are great places to start to see if you're interested in such things......hearing John McLaughlin for the first time will make you forget about all other guitarists for a brief moment.
Ramsey Lewis In Crowd was a great work. It still sounds fresh. I just got Mercy3. Bill Evans is a awesome. Magic Sam's Westside Soul. I keep trying to get that and something always magic. I'm not making that up! I look forward to hearing that.

I have (almost) everything John McLaughlin ever made including his work with Paco, Al Dimeola, Shaki, Electric and started chasing down works by some of the musicians who he's been in groups with. John McLaughlin's best work IMHO was Nothingness to Eternity the live CD. Wow!

I got deep into Joe Satriani. I have no idea what this post 80's hair band metal guitarist does right but his melodic screaming metal is some of the most beautiful stuff I've ever heard. I was absolutely lost in a song of his for two days ---- Flying in a blue dream.

This is about the fifth song of his that has had this absolute magnetic affect on me. I wanted to memorize everything about it. I have pretty much everything Joe ever made except the anthology works.

Joe isn't like John McLaughlin. If he went unplugged I cannot imagine him being exposed like that. He relies on the electric "alien" sound to make his music but dayum is he good. Since his music has no lyrics he basically is just hot wiring into your subconscious. He actually has some work where he sings but I like the instrumental stuff better. It's like when Stanley Clarke singing. It's not bad but o.k. now we've answered that question....

I'm a newbie in all of this as far as I am concerned.

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