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Originally Posted by quiettiger

I am finding when I poke around in the Jazz realms there are some incredible guys who only made maybe two LP's. I didn't realize heroin wiped out so many good musicians. (sonny Clark)I did not realize how important Fletcher Henderson was. Bud Powell, Johnny Griffen, Ben Websterand Art Tatum are guys I am just discovering. Art Tatum I found through Ray Charles who I thought I knew but didnt'. Sonny Clark I found him while checking in Miles. I didn't realize how good Louie Armstrong was.

The irony is having been around a lot of their music, seeing them, and not knowing really how incredible they were. It's wierd to look back and realize how important that guy really was. It's a strange as saying I hung out with Jesus. He had stinky feet and ate too many Jalapenos. Who knew?!

Speaking of jazz legends, I just watched one of my favorite DVDs last night:

"'Round Midnight" with Dexter Gordon (award-winning score by Herbie Hancock.)

If you like bebop, then this is an essential film, IMO.

It's about an American jazz sax player (played by Dexter Gordon) living in Paris. He's waging a battle with the bottle and with failing health, and then he meets a Parisian fan who inspires him to clean up his act and to make one last comeback.

Great story with a great vibe - I highly recommend it.

Originally Posted by quiettiger
If you listened to Arabic music everyday it's more addictive than trance. You can just get lost in it if you wanted to. Arab people are like a living musical. It's wierd to see guys willing to dance at the drop of a hat. We are angry! Let us dance! We are happy! Let us dance! I love my goat! Let us dance!

Americans are like clods when it comes to dancing. Latins, Italians, Africans, Chinese, and even big clunky Germans can dance better than us as big fat ugly generality. I'd love to see some of the dances from the swing era come back into vogue just for grins.
Ain't it the truth?

Great take!
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