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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN
To the aforementioned list of names I would add:

Freddy King
Albert King
Albert Collins
Johnny Copeland
Fenton Robinson

Muddy Waters
John Lee Hooker
I could never get into Albert King and I don't know why. Muddy Waters and Johnny Lee Hooker are awesome. I didn't realize how much music Muddy made until recently. I was trying to find a boxed set of B.B. King and I guess there is just too much stuff out there for it.

Thanks for the two new blues guys.

I am finding when I poke around in the Jazz realms there are some incredible guys who only made maybe two LP's. I didn't realize heroin wiped out so many good musicians. (Sonny Clark)

I did not realize how important Fletcher Henderson was.

Bud Powell, Johnny Griffen, Ben Webster and Art Tatum are guys I am just discovering. Art Tatum I found through Ray Charles. I thought I knew Ray Charles. I did'nt. Sonny Clark I found him while checking in Miles. I didn't realize how good Louie Armstrong was.

I have been a huge fan of Herbie Hancock but had no idea how many places he's been. He's like Santana always there somewhere.

I thought Wayne Shorter was good Sax player from Weather Report.

The irony is having been around a lot of their music, seeing them, and not knowing really how incredible they were. It's wierd to look back and realize how important one player really was. It's a strange as saying I hung out with Jesus. He had stinky feet and ate too many Jalapenos. Who knew?!

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