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Originally Posted by FADERPROOF
You have to have a tem around you to be a team player, which Philly has never really given Iverson.

Remember back when Philly had a good team i.e. the team that went to the finals, there were statistics that showed how much better the sixers record was when Iverson put up over 30 shots a game compared to when he puts up less. The sixers needed him to put it up, even if he wasnt hitting the shots, he led that team still.

Ever watch Iverson play D also? The guy can seriously clamp down out there and get steals, he is a very good defensive player.

Say what you want about his chracter, the guy gives 100% out there and is a great player, he is a hardworker out there and does the best to win games.
Yeah...I dont deny that he's a tough player and one that tries, but he's not very smart.
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