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M. Salah

To answer your last question first, it's Larry Brown. I can't wait to hear why it's not though.

But this has nothing to do with AI's ego. He's a scorer, that is what they pay him to do. Him and Nash are completely different players. Both good at what they do for their teams within their offenses. This year you're right, Philly isn't short on talent, especially in the East, but what have they had for the rest of the years AI has been there? Nothing! Igudala, I agree, good up and coming guy, this is what, his 2nd or 3rd year? They haven't even had Webber a full year. Korver is what, 3rd year too? And Dalembert is nice, but they haven't had him for all that long either, if I'm not mistaken. And he's not "one of the best centers in the NBA" either. They've had some poor teams, and AI has carried them on his back for years.

That's like saying Kobe is a loser this year. No, he's not. What is he supposed to do? Jordan could never do it on his own. The Lakers suck outside of Kobe, period. Odom is decent but the rest are simply not good.

Like I said, if you want to pull up records, fine, but AI is 0-1 in NBA Finals, which is still better then 0-0.
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