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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU
AI is the man, and it's not his fault that early in his career with Philly they've had bad teams, been saddled with long contracts with old players, etc. They have never really had a great team. The team that went to the Finals wasn't even that great.

I'm not taking anything away from Dirk, I think he's a great player. But he's had way more around him then AI has. They've always been more talented and better coached then Philly. To say that AI is bad because his team's record is bad is ludicrous.
As far as I'm concerned, Dallas made it to the Finals in '02-'03 and played the Spurs there...and nearly won. Put Dallas in the East in Iverson's year through today and Dallas waltzes through that conference until the modern Detroit team shows up. ANY NBA PLAYER can put up rediculous scoring statistics. Great ones let the statistics come to them.

Iverson is not a winner because he doesnt care to play team basketball. That team is not short on talent. Iguodala is a 2 way stud, Webber can still play, Korver is a really nice player, and Dalembert is one of the best centers in the NBA. Imagine any of those players in Phoenix. Their offensive stats would be through the ceiling. Especially Dalembert and Iguodala. Nash would make those guys contributors on a winner. That's what I'm talking about. Sacrificing your statistical legacy and your ego to win. Nowitzki and Nash both play by that creed. If your team is bad, then you find a way to make things better. It's obvious that Iverson really doesnt care to do that. He's making his money and guys like Stephen A. Smith are waiting to brown nose him to death. Why should he give up his shots? He's like a rap star.

So who is the better coach? Larry Brown, Don Nelson, or Avery Johnson?
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