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Originally Posted by FADERPROOF
The thing is, you seem to ONLY know what goes on in dallas, and not anywhere else.
Nah...I watch basketball of all sorts. I choose to promote Dallas because they deserve it. There is some kind of pervading public attitude about Dallas that mirrors the same one that we Bronco fans had to endure about the Broncos this offseason.

Dallas is for real this season, and right now they look like the best team in the west. That's because of two people: Dirk Nowitzki and Avery Johnson. Guys have been injured on that team all season long, and Dirk has performed miracle after miracle on the floor. There is no other player out there leading a winning club like that. Dallas is playing at a 31-10 clip and has not hit their stride yet. I think that with Duncan's foot injury and Ginobili hobbled, Dallas has to be the favorite for the West's #1 seed. Dallas has been able to overcome those types of injuries this season and has still hung with SA, so we'll see how it goes.

Dallas is 2-1 against San Antonio and Detroit and wore Detroit out handing them their first loss of the season 119-82.
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