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Originally Posted by angryllama
Well, yeah...I even gave a nice little preface to the picks. If you guys have another pick for awards, then give some reasons for your players and some comparison. I know from other posts that some of you guys have no idea what goes on in Dallas, so I wouldnt expect you to know why Nowitzki should be the league MVP this season or why and how Avery Johnson is making history. The media doesnt give them any account nationally, so I would expect people that get their information from basketball magazine shows to be a little undereducated.

My picks may be "homeriffic" but they are sound. Every person I chose deserves the award. Now when people start throwing Iverson (and now Bryant) into the conversation, I have to laugh. Both of those guys are losers and will continue to be until they retire. How can they be the most valuable player when they dont know how to win, and when they dont respect their teammates? Unfortunately, the average fan cant see past sportscenter, and is unable to dig a little deeper.
The thing is, you seem to ONLY know what goes on in dallas, and not anywhere else.
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