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Originally Posted by -Slap-
You had one chance to really contend for a title, Llama, probably before you were born. Jerry Buss got a wild hair up his ass and nearly tried to trade James Worthy to Dallas for Roy Tarpley and Mark Agguire. Jerry West told the old satyr he would quit on the spot and Buss backed off.
Yeah..I remember those days. I was still in Oklahoma then, so I didnt get as much information, but that Dallas team took your Laker girls to 7 and nearly pulled it off.

Dallas was also close in '02-'03. I was at the game 6 of the WCF when they lost to the Spurs. Nash was in fine form. Nowitzki missed that game and the previous two games with a severe sprain, and Dallas just couldnt last. If Nowitzki was there, that series would have gone to 7 games and the Mavs could have won. The Finals were a joke after that series. I think that the Spurs waltzed over the Nets in 4 games.
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