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Originally Posted by Nuggets4

I've been hit or miss on Cavs games lately, but it's nice to see Bron passing the ball more again. I was getting worried that he was going to get so frustrated he would pull a Kobe. He's better than that. One day we'll see him average a triple double.
It's nice to see him pass, unless it's a last second shot to win the game, which ever since he bricked it against the Lakers, he's passed on it for guys like Eric Snow and Donyell Marshall to take.

Seriously, if I ever have to witness Eric Snow taking the last shot in attempt to either tie or win the game for us, I might just take myself to the hospital right after because I know that either a heart attack or an aneurysm is soon to follow.

We had a nice little 1-5 road trip, lost 3 of those games by a combined 4 points until we all decided to sit on the bench and watch Golden State dismantle them, but we got to play the Jazz, which I'm still unsure if that Utah team could beat the Utah University.
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