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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller
That's the point. The Pens actually have talent on their roster and still suck, while the Caps have Ovechkin and guys like Morrisson and Eminger who should not be seeing the minutes they're seeing at this point in their careers. The Caps roster is full of guys who aren't ready or just plain suck, and everyone expected them to finish dead last in the NHL by far. The Caps are an overachieving team.
I admit I am ignorant regarding the talent level of Ovechkin's supporting cast, but I can tell you with a great deal of confidence that the Penguins dont have "talent" so far as refined guys who ready to make plays every night outside of Crosby. All this talk about the offensive weapons on this team has turned out to be a myth. LeClair....nothing in the tank. Recchin' Ball....same deal. Palffy was skilled but ofcourse he isnt there now and he was not producing this season. He simply wasnt. Gonchar....garbage. Done nothing for the offense and nothing for the PP. Tarnstrom......i have barely noticed him this year, he used to be a point per game defenseman now he is ****. None of these guys scares anyone. There are gritty young players who work hard like Talbot, but he doesnt scare anyone. Tomas Surovy and Michel Oullet (despite his real hot streak a week ago) are bit players. There isnt any offense on this team besides Crosby. Everyone else flat out sucks, or they simply are too young (Armstrong, Christensen who got sent down again, Whitney as an offensive defenseman).

I dont think Crosby is in a better position than Ovechkin in terms of having a better supporting cast. Neither of them have **** to work with.
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