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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
Call Kobe what you will (and I'm nowhere near a fan of his myself), but he doesn't inject any illegal substances into his body to help him score 81.

He's selfish and arrogant to the Nth degree, but he's not a cheater. That puts him at least a rung or two lower on the a-hole ladder with me.

To say he's not a cheater is presumptive. The last two times they have played Dallas, I have seen Bryant intentionally elbow Nowitzki in the face. Josh Howard got him back in the second game by literally clotheslining him on his way to the rim. The following game, Bryant actually got caught doing that same thing to Mike Miller and got suspended.

Bryant is a scumbag, and anyone who can rationalize rooting for that guy is operating on some ethical level that people should find reprehensible.
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