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Champ Bailey

Hey Slap, remember awhile back when Shaq was on the market and we debated about what he would be worth and whether or not the Mavs could get him? I just though I would remind you what has happened to our two franchises since that summer and what was done with the assets that the Lakers could have secured. Any mix of Nash, Jamison, and Walker combined with the young guys....

Steve Nash (do I need to explain)
Antawn Jamison (just as good as Odom)
Devin Harris (you dont think Bryant would like a solid young PG?)
Antoine Walker (15 million of immediate cap releif would have been nice)
Josh Howard (perfect utility player...I'd take him over Odom every time)
Marquis Daniels (has had flashes of brilliance when he's not hurt)

...all for Shaq. Tisk tisk. Kupcheck couldnt send Shaq to Dallas because he was afraid of being the inferior team. Well, he's now become the inferior club without the wealth of assets that now has the Mavs sitting pretty atop the West for the next 5-10 years. I wonder how it feels to have Mark Cuban's personnel decisions overshadowing your own?
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