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Originally Posted by -Slap-
He's your MVP if you like narcissistic, self-involved losers who like to prop themselves up on stats in some sort of me-first revenge tour for those who still believe that he's a low life and a rapist.

His team is weak. They have no shot at a championship this season. The guy hoists up 30 shots a game and his teammates stand around and watch. It's not like they dont have other players, but Bryant is more than happy to play one-on-one ball the whole game. He gets pushed aside on the list because of guys who play team ball and actually play on teams that are going places. Nowitzki, Nash, and Duncan are the top guys, followed by Lebron. Bryant should just join the And-1 Mixtape tour and get on with it.

Obviously, I dont like Bryant a bit. He'll have alot of fun with his also-ran Lakers and they'll get beat by the good teams. He's the most unlikeable player in all of sports.

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