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Champ Bailey

NBA Coach of the Year
Avery Johnson

At some point, this guy is going to have to get some credit. The Mavs are a much better team right now than they have been since they took the Lakers to 7 games in the 1988 Western Conference Finals. Dallas consistently beats the best teams in the league (San Antonio and Detroit), and sports a western conference leading 31-10 record despite having just starting to hit their stride with a full lineup (almost) and extended floor time.

The signing of DeSagana Diop just might have been the best of the offseason. The guy was brought in for 3 million a season and has now beat out Erick Dampier to become the starter. Diop and Adrian Griffin are both AJ guys and they have been awesome assets that nobody else could use. Dirk's game has been raised under AJ, Harris is becoming one of the best young PG's in the NBA, Terry is flourishing, and many other Mavs players are having excellent seasons.

The Mavs are 46-12 under Johnson for a sparkling .793 win %. That is an unbelievable stat. This is a first year coach who left the NBA before last season! AJ is making history right now under the media's noses without recognition. He deserves the award this season if the Mavs continue to win at their current pace.
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