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Default Angryllama's Midseason NBA Awards

You want expert analysis? Do you crave proper recognition? Well, you might find yourself on the right thread. I have come to save the day with midseason awards that are right on the money! Angryllama will not be held responsible for any poor takes, homeristic picks, irrational thoughts, etc. Read at your own risk. we go. Lets start with the big one:

Dirk Nowitzki

There has been no player on any team who has contributed more to their team's success on a quality team this season. My qualifications for the award are: the player's team has to be in position for a first round home series, the player has to have 'carried the load' for his team constently all season, the player has to contribute in several statistical categories, the player has to take over in crunch time, the player has to play well with teammates, and make his team better.

Dirk fits the above qualifications better than any other player in the NBA. He scores virtually at will, is committed to wins and making his teammates better, his defensive play has improved dramatically, he scores rebounds, gets assists, steals, blocks, shoots a high % at the stripe, from the floor, and from 3. He has added some post moves to his arsenal. Like Steve Nash, Dirk is the ultimate team player and is committed to doing whatever it takes to get his team victories. Dirk manifests this idea by being committed to making the defensive effort, adding new facets to his game every offseason to better serve his team (last season it was help-side defense and post moves, this season it was passing, interior defense, and more post moves), and being a good locker room guy off of the court.

Dirk got the jump on the award early in the season when he singlehandedly beat the Phoenix suns in Phoenix in the last 7 minutes of the game when the Mavs were playing lethargic ball. Dirk nailed 3 consecutive 3 pointers and hit a couple of free throws in an 11-0 Dirk vs. Phoenix run that ended up an overtime Mavs victory. Dirk has played at that level all season long. In fact, Dirk is the "Nestle Crunch Time" stat leader and has been for the entire season.

Dirk is having an outstanding season all around and his team is on it's way to unseating the Spurs atop the Southwest division. They currently are tied for the best record in the west.

Runners up: 2. Steve Nash, 3. Tim Duncan, 4. Lebron James, 5. Dwayne Wade
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