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Gotta love the "my team is worse than yours" banter.

Now that the Broncos season is over and football is essentially done, let's get some more hockey talk going.

Who are the best three goalies so far this season? I'd have to go with Dominik Hasek, Henrik Lundqvist, and Miikka Kiprusoff.

Hasek has a stacked team in front of him, but he's still played well; much better than I thought he would after not playing in the NHL for quite a while.

Lundqvist has kind of come out of nowhere to lead the Rangers to respectibility. If it weren't for Ovechkin (and Crosby and Svatos to a lesser extent), Lundqvist would be an easy choice for the Calder.

Kiprusoff is the leader of the Flames and the Finnish goaltender invasion. He's got a good defensive hockey team in front of him though Kipper still makes big saves at key times.

Outside of my top three, Ryan Miller has been playing good in net for Buffalo and I hope he starts for the US Olympic team next month. Manny Fernandez might be the most underrated player in the NHL, Tomas Vokoun continues to play well under the radar for Nashville, and Roberto Luongo keeps making saves behind a bad team.
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