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D.J. Williams

You can breathe easy now, Herc. Actually, I dont think there was any viable scenario where he was going back, but at least its good that you wont have to pay them anything.

Court: Ovechkin won't be forced to return to Russia
Associated Press

WASHINGTON -- Two days after scoring the highlight goal of the NHL season, Washington Capitals rookie Alex Ovechkin learned that he will stay in the league.


A judge ruled Wednesday that he cannot be forced to return to Russia to play for his former team, Dynamo Moscow.

Ovechkin leads all rookies with 32 goals and 58 points and will play for the Russian national team at the Torino Olympics. On Monday night, he scored with an outstretched flick of his stick while rolling on the ice after a hard check by defenseman Paul Mara in a win at Phoenix.

Dynamo wanted the court to enforce a Russian arbitrator's ruling that the team still owns the rights to the 20-year-old left wing.

Ovechkin played three years for Dynamo before moving to another Russian club, Avangard Omsk. He then opted out of his 2005-06 contract with Avangard Omsk to join the Capitals.

Dynamo contended it had matched Avangard Omsk's offer to Ovechkin, although without the opt-out clause.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan dismissed the case. He said the evidence "supports the argument that Ovechkin wished to end his relationship with Dynamo once and for all."
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