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Cody Lambert

Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU
It's weird, I never got hardcore into Royce. I have a few burnt CDs... he's good, but I'm not as into him as I am Hush, Paradime, Trick Trick, and some other underground Detroit people.

Nice @ the next Cham single. That song is hot.

I downloaded the lil wayne CD, it's a good CD. Let me know how the Budden mixtape is... I could have downloaded it but I passed. If it's good I'll get it and give it a listen. Hell I might go download it now anyways.

Have you heard anything on Obie Trice, by chance? I loved Cheers, and have been waiting on his 2nd CD.
yea its prolly my 2nd favorite on the cd. i never got into Obie Trice for some reason. he reminds too much of d12 and i cant stand them except for Em. but i know hes nice, cuz i heard him on the kay slay cd a while back and then on the biggie duets, so when his new one drops ill prolly get that.

i been listening to alotta r&b tho lately. I love that Ne-Yo song So Sick. i got the new anthony Hamilton cd. about halfway thru its not bad. John Legends cd is still in my player. Lyfe Jennings if u havent got his cd yet and u like r&b its a must have.
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