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Cody Lambert

Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU
I really like the Purp CD, as well as the Funkmaster Flex one. I've been a Trick Trick fan for a while now, I follow the Detroit underground as close as I can. He's been getting a lot of run because he's hooked up with Eminem, which is definately good for him. Check out his CD.
im prolly gonna get the purp cd eventually. i may get the trick trick cd cuz im a fan of detroit music.
i got Royce 5'9 cds (death is certain, and Indy Day) in my player now. I love that song politics with cee lo.
chamillionaire is a great cd, his next single is the one with krayzie bone and hes gonna be on Jimmy Kimmel i heard on the 18th.
i also got the lil wayne cd, surprisngly its a very good cd, and i got the new Joe Budden mixtape (mood Muzik 2) on preorder. alotta good music comin out recently
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