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That was a pretty good game. As I expected, the Flyers were pretty much flat for 57 minutes.

That last 3 minute flury in regulation was sheer brilliance by the Knuble, Forsberg, Gagne line.
I'm thrilled to get a point out of that game. I expected a 5-1 loss in regulation before the puck was even dropped. We actually had a chance to win the game.
I thought the refs chit the bed when they handed Colorado a couple 2 full man advantages in this game.
In OT, that was not a penalty. Which one? How about both of them.
I'm not blaming the bad calls for the Flyers loss but 3 straight minutes short 2 men pretty much does you in when your in OT.
I'm not sure what the hell Kim Johnsonn was thinking. He had all day to clear the puck. Instead, he waits a couple seconds and allows a Lanche player to take it off him and slam it home for the game winner.

This was a definate win for the Flyers though. Getting a point when you trail by 2 goals with just under 2:40 left in the game, is definately a win.

BTW Nitty was awesome again tonight. That kid is the goalie of the future and the future is now opon us.
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