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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno
I am among the few who believe that their second album was even better than the first. Most reviews claimed they stuck with the formula of Is This It?, but I have no clue what album those folks were listening to. The second album was a bit darker and had much more of a Cure feel to it, whereas the first album went heavy on the Television influence (run through a pop filter). I'm excited to see if they continue to evolve on the new disc.
I seen the second album as a companion piece to the extention really, equally as strong and well written.

I've been disappointed thus far by First Impressions Of Earth....I'll have to give a complete review of it later but for now I'll say I really like about half the album while the other half seems either substandard or just trying too hard to be weird. There's a overwhelming sense of boredom throughout the disc and one has to wonder about the release date as well.......I mean, wouldn't you wanna release a new album before Xmas instead of right after it? I know it's a reach of a theory here, but it could be reflective of them not believing in the material because this sounds like a barrel scraping.....maybe they're tapped out songwise, who knows?

Whatever it is, it won't be enough to send them back to the clubs....Europe doesn't seem to care anyways as the European tour is totally sold out. I'd love to see this band live, but I don't do arena shows anymore so I guess I'll wait for the inevitable live DVD
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