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CJ Anderson

My God, I want a LOT this weekend in sports. Possibly more than any other weekend.

First, the Avs HAVE to knock off the Flyers... make Forsberg realize what he's missing and that the Flyers are going nowhere.

Then its the Broncos in the divisional playoff. All I asked for this year was a playoff win, but I'm getting greedy, and I think we can take the Colts - but we have to take care of the Pats.

Sadly, my mind tells me the Broncos game is much more important, but my heart will probabally be with the Av's. It will be depressing to see Lucifer - I mean Forsberg - in an Flyers uniform.

I think that the rangers are my new adopted second favorite team right now... mainly because of Jagr and Lundqvist.
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