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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange

Nice Forsberg interview from Class act as always, nothing but good things to say about Colorado and his former team.

As much as I enjoy watching him play, I'm not exactly looking forward to the Avs having to go up against him on Saturday. I have a feeling that he's gonna have a little extra jump for this one.
Just got done reading the article. Gotta love Foppa. I was in Miami to visit my parents for Christmas and got the chance to see Forsberg play the Panthers on 12/26. It was great to see Peter play in person for the first time in over two seasons and it might be the last chance I get because of Bettman's stupid new unbalanced schedule. The fans of Colorado deserve a chance to give Foppa one last standing ovation.

Anyway, Forsberg was held scoreless by the Panthers and broke a couple of sticks in frustration for some uncharacteristically bad plays he made. The game went to a shootout (just as my Dad and I were hoping for) and Forsberg missed the net trying to beat Luongo with a wrist shot to the high-blocker side. (Times like this I really wish I had a digital SLR like Pez. I do the best with what I have)

As far as Saturday's game, Forsberg will have some extra jump, but I'm sure Sakic, Tanguay, Hejduk, Blake, Aebischer and all of his other ex-teammates will have extra motivation to try and outplay Peter, too. I expect an entertaining game and hope the Avs can at least make it to overtime and get a point. A 7th straight win would be even better, obviously, but I'd rather the Broncos win and Avalanche lose than the other way around. And if both the Broncos and Avalanche lose I'm going to be in one bad mood for quite a while.
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