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D.J. Williams

Coach Therrien calls out the defense after tonight's 3-1 loss to Edmonton, also pissed that no one stood up for Crosby, except for Talbot at the end of the Atlanta game:

“It’s a pathetic performance. Half of the team doesn’t care. Pft. You know, it’s like, are we gonna be happy to play 8 minutes? I’m not gonna be happy to play 8 minutes. What those guys will say if we take 40% of their salary because they’re only playing – or 50% of their salary – because they only play 50% of the time? That’s enough.

That defensive squad – I think their goal – I really start to believe their goal is to be the worst defensive squad in the league. And they’re doing such a great job to be the worst defensive squad in the league. They turn the puck over, they have no vision, they’re soft, like – I’ve never seen a bunch of defenSeimian soft like this. So, you know, you put the two combination, and…

… hey, there’s a lot of guys don’t care. They pretend to care, but they don’t care. Pft.”

[Q: Is this the first team like this you’ve had to work with?]

“It’s a game of emotion, it’s a game of hard work, it’s a game of passion. You know, there’s – hey – Kovalchuk, what he did the other day. There’s not one guy who was close to do something. Maybe Maxime Talbot at the end, with 1 second left. He’s about 5 foot 8. Did they think that, as a coach, that I got the feeling that the team cares for each other? Wow.

You know, try to have a good ambience with the team yesterday. Hey. So I guess we’re gonna have to come back with the old recipe, you know. It’s like – they make my job miserable, so it’s give and take. What can I do? Hey.”


“I’m so disappointed about lots of guys. Very disappointed. Because they don’t care. If they care – tonight it looks like men against boys. Hey.”


“Aw, Marc, Marc. He’s playing good for us. Thank God.”
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