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Originally Posted by Clockwork Orange
That game should have been over in the 2nd period. The Avs got completely outplayed and outworked, but they got bailed out by Peter Budaj. He stopped 18 of 19 shots and the majority of them were high quality chances.

Of course the Avs got a major break when no one decided to go upstairs on McLean's "goal." I can't believe that Roloson didn't raise hell with the referees and make them go upstairs on that one.

I guess you take the breaks as you get them, but the Avs got away with taking a period off and a goal that wasn't a goal. Not exactly an encouraging win to say the least.
And a questionable penalty on Willie Mitchell for shooting the puck into the stands with 2 minutes left in the game, leading to a 5-on-3 for the last 2 minutes. (I couldn't believe the Avs were trying to score there when all they had to do was play keep away; by shooting the puck they gave Minnesota a chance to gain possesion and try to tie the game)

For all the times as fans we complain about the referees losing the game for our teams, this time I can say my team got lucky because of the refs. I'll take it, that's for sure.
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