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I shudder to think where the Avs would be if not for Marek Svatos.

There's only a few guys on the club who are pulling their weight; Sakic, Kolesnik, Budaj, Tanguay (needs to pick it up more, though), Laperierre, Turgeon, Laaksonen, Brunette.

There's only one guy that's going above and beyond expectations; Marek Svatos.

And there's a whole bunch of guys who are playing bad hockey either lately or for the entire season; Aebischer, Hejduk, Blake, Liles, Vaananen, Brisebois, Skrastins, May, Hinote, Boughner.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the defenSeimian since they are putting up a lot of points, but it just seems like they are leaving their goaltenders out to dry way too often. With Aebischer giving up so many soft goals you can't also expect him to face so many good scoring chances. At least Budaj and Kolesnik are not giving up cheap goals and making tough saves more often than not.
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