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The Avs are in need of a major shake up. They just played one of the worst periods of hockey I've ever seen (2nd Period vs. Minnesota). If not for Peter Budaj's excellent goaltending the Wild would have scored 7 or 8 goals in that period alone.

The defense is turning over the puck left and right. Liles, Vaananen, Blake, Clark, Breisbois, it doesn't matter who's out there, they're getting burned.

I'm also getting tired of watching Tanguay play. He makes so many little mistakes out there, it's amazing. He's got all the talent in the world, has accomplished so much in his career, yet he's always fugging up. I'd start entertaining trade offers for Alex Tanguay if I were Pierre Lacroix. This season is a lost cause, anyway. It's obvious we're a last place team in the Northwest Division.

I hope Aebsicher gets traded after the roster freeze, also. Budaj and Kolesnik are by far the better goalies, at least this season.
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