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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by amesj523

I'd be happy with therrian - but i think not only a coach, but we have the wrong mix of people. I'd rather have signed foote than gonchar - Edzo did good with young guys, but i don't think he carries weight with the vets. Not to mention the supposed 'club mario' atmosphere in pitt.
Foote isnt having a good year either. I think Therrian being there will help alot with Gonch. He wont be able to get away with being lazy. Ive heard Therrian is crazy. That's probably good for this team. There is alot of laziness and lack of effort. I think CP understands that the Club Mario atmosphere hurt this team, im glad they canned Randy Hillier in particular as well. That should help on that issue. We are going to go to a defensive system now. That in addition to MAF will really help to cut down on goals given up. Weve already shown that despite having some talent out there and an offensive system we cant put up the types of numbers we need to, so its not a big loss on the offensive side really. We werent scoring anyway even when Palffy, LeClair and 66 were in the lineup.
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