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Originally Posted by AlecRaenos
This is a really simple very cool tutorial that allows you to take a photograph and turn it into a TV Screen capture shot.

Step 1: Open a new document 1 pixel by 2 pixels with a transparent background.

Step 2: Zoom in to the maximum amount so that you can see what you are doing. Select the pencil tool (4th tool down on the right side of the tool's window, second option).

Step 3: Make black your selected color and make a dot in the top pixel (2 pixels tall, one wide remember) so that your 1x2 image is a black pixel above a transparent pixel.

Step 4: Go Menu: Edit-->Define Pattern. Name it "Scanlines"

Step 5: Open whatever image you want to do this on. Create a new blank layer. Go to Menu: Edit-->Fill... Under Contents use "Pattern" then where it reads "Custom Pattern" click the arrow next to it and choose the pattern you made. Press OK.

All done.
Oh, yes, the world of scanlines, grids and perspective grids...

Grids and Scanlines are one of those things you can put into almost any design...
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