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Default Pens Trade Rumors

Rumor mill -- There's talk on Long Island that Mike Milbury is less than enthused with the play of defenSeimian Janne Niinimaa and Alexei Zhitnik and that Pittsburgh GM Craig Patrick might be willing to swap one of his offensive defenSeimian (Sergei Gonchar or Dick Tarnstrom) for some defensive stability. If that's the case, both GMs might be interested in Columbus Blue Jackets' stay-at-home defenseman Adam Foote.

The "black and gold" trade...
Bruins get: LeClair and Tarnstrom
Pens get: Isbister and Gill

Islanders get: Palffy, Koltsov and Jackman
Pens get: Blake and Sopel

The "give a little, get a little (guy)" trade...
Tampa Bay gets: Recchi, Prijeta and Orpik
Pens get: St. Loius and Sarich

St. Louis gets: Malone and Gonchar
Pens get: Tkachuk and Backman

"Craig Patrick seriously intent... moves encouraged prior to Olympic break; more to come.
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