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Originally Posted by RINGLEADER

Broncos are the only NFL team with a big fat asterik next to their Super Bowl wins. But if you want to live in the past that's OK too...whatever makes you comfortable.
Man, seriously, is that all you got? I've heard the same b**** from you in damn near every thread. We get it already. You don't legitimize the Bronco's SB Championships. STFW? When anyone tootles over to there isn't an "asterik" there next to those two years as you so hopefully wish there were. There is just plain mention that in 98-99, the Broncos were SB Champions. (

I'm silly, I don't believe in a god, and I don't believe anyone should give a rat's ass what your opinion is on the Bronco's SuperBowl wins.

EDIT: Oh, but I do see a ****load of asteriki next to the KC Chef's on regarding their 8 (Bronco's 16) playoff wins. Maybe you can take this over to Bob your Chef Fan in that other thread and school him a bit, eh?

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