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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by amesj523
nope, brooks is one as well.
Your right. I should have said competent defensive defenseman though instead.

Hooks is good for about 5 mental mistakes and 2 penalties per game.

I know you love the guy, and he was good back in 03-04, a very promising youngster but he doesnt fit in the new NHL. He's the kind of defenseman that the league is trying to kill off. He doesnt move well, he grabs, he hits, he's just a big physical ogre. I dont think he can survive in this new style of league. He's looked absolutely awful this year. He did look a bit better the last game when they paired him up with Whitney, but he's just been awful when he has been paired up with Gonchar or Jackman or Melichar. I think the future is Whitney and Welch.

Hopefully he can hold his own tonight against NYR.
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