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Default Tutorial 2: Making Text into a Neon Sign

Tutorial 2: Making Text into Neon (and Neon Signs)

This tutorial is going to show you one way to make a neon sign. As with most
things in Photoshop, there are various ways to produce the same thing, so you may know or find another way to do this, but this is simple, effective and fairly realistic.

Step 1: Create a new document with a transparent background. Make the document RGB Color, and 600 pixels wide by about 400 pixels large. Press SHIFT+D (this resets your colors to the default colors). Fill the background with black.

Step 2: Go to Menu: Filter-->Add Noise. Set the amount to 20%, Distribution to Gaussian and make sure Monochromatic is set.

Setp 3: Go to Menu: Filter-->Motion Blur. Set the angle to 45 degrees set the distance to 75 or so.

Step 4: Now you have your background for your sign. Simple, brushed black metal look (black is used because it looks good with a neon sign). Now, use your Text tool and type in your Sign text. I used "Denver[ENTER]Broncos". Make your font size really large and make sure you use a "Bold" font (I used Arial Black at 120 point font size). Make your text black. Right now, your sign is off Center your text on your image as best you can.

Step 5: Click on the layer styles button (highlighted below, left) in your layer window and click on "Stroke". Set your size to around 12. The position to "Center". The Fill Type to "Gradient" and the Style to Shape Burst. (Pictured below, right)

Step 6: Now, click on the gradient on your stroke so you can change what gradient you want. You are going to need five total points on the gradient line. Just click on the gradient line anywhere to add a point and move them each to the following positions: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. At 0 and 100, make the color black. At 25 and 75 percent, make the color the same. I chose red (because everyone does green and blue) for both. Whatever color you choose, make sure you get the hexidecimal number for it (Red for example is FF0000, Blue is 0000FF and Green is 00FF00) you will need it later. (pictured below)

Step 7: Go to your inner glow layer style. Set the opacity to around 35% the choke to around 30% and the size to around 20 pixels. Set the color of the glow to the same color you set your stroke color to. (Pictured below)

Step 8: Go to your outer glow layer style. Set the opacity to around 25%, the spread to around 15% and the size to around 45-50 pixels. Set the color of the glow to the same color as your stroke and inner glow. (Pictured below)

Step 9: OK, almost finished. Really, it looks like a neon sign but one more step needs to be added because on different backgrounds you will notice. ON your layer window, make sure your text layer is higlighted and click on the blend mode options. Set it to overlay (pictured below, left). Set your fill percentage all the way down to 0%. (Pictured below, right). Now, you can see through the interior of the text (you will be able to tell easier if you move it to a lighter background).

Here is my Neon Sign.

PM Me for the psd file.
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