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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by minibronco
Alright, I have a few questions with this method, Alec, if you don't mind answering them. I decided this was very well the best, efficient, and quick method of all of them, so I gave it a try.

I took Jen's Champ Bailey picture (original), duplicated the layer (background), selected the copy, used ctrl+alt+x for extract with the highlighter, filled it in, and pressed OK. But your red "extraneous" background on the Bell confused me.

1) How'd yours turn red?
I added a "Stroke" to it. To do that, highlight your layer in the layer window and go to the bottom of the window. There is a little icon on the far right that is a "f" on a black button. Click it. These are your layer styles and allow you to do different things to particular layers. Click on stroke (default color is red, and 3 pixels)
2) Should I duplicate/copy that layer to a new sheet and clean off the background?
To help, make a new empty layer ((Menu: Layer-->New Layer)) and fill it with a black background. Then move your extracted layer above that new background filled layer on your layer window. This will help you see what parts need to be removed.
Thanks man. This really helps. I can do family photos now in no time.
Dont forget to either hide or delete the temporary background layer.
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