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Originally Posted by GreatBronco16
That is pretty nice. How did you do the edges on that pic?
Layers Masks...

I make a Selection just inside the image, Enter Quick Mask Mode (press Q), then goto Filters>Brush Strokes> (pick a filter)

Usually Spatter or Sprayed Strokes work well for this effect.

*You'll have to play around with this for alittle bit to get the desired effect*

The press Q again to exit quick mask mode.

Now just Select the Layer mask Icon at the bottom of the LAYERS PALETTE (3rd icon from the LEFT). It will creat the effect by knocking out (masking) everything that was not selected.

**If your layer was still a BACKGROUND, you will need to double-click on it, to make it an actual "layer"**

Then just create a new layer and fill it with white, and there you go.

Again, this does take alittle playing around with, but there are many, many things you can do with this. Not just borders, but image collages and effect, just with the use of LAYER MASKS.

I live and die by Layer Masks, They have numerous advantages and are one of my favorite things in Photoshop.

I used a Layer mask to isolate JAKE from the background, in that image above.

But anyway I hope that wasn't TOO confusing.

Been staring at the computer too long, and its getting late...
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