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The NHL's new unbalanced schedule has been such a success so far I think it should be tweaked even further next season.

Gary Bettman and company would be smart to have each team play a division rival 82 times a season, then switch the teams every year. So instead of Colorado playing Vancouver or Minnesota 8 times a year, they'd play Vancouver 82 times in 2006-'07 and Minnesota 82 times in 2007-'08. Imagine the rivalries this would create! It would also really cut down on travel for Eastern Conference teams even more. The Islanders and Rangers wouldn't have to get on a plane for an entire regular season in the year they play each other!

To make it even better, OLN could then just show one matchup all season, instead of their current rotation of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, New York Rangers, and Boston. Nobody wants to see any teams west of the Mississippi anyway, so I think it would be just fantastic if they broadcast the Flyers vs. the Rangers 30 times a season.

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