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Originally Posted by AlecRaenos
Hmm, I did this through 7.0 figuring more would have that version. I skipped CS and went to CS 2 but the steps are the same.

Now, if you have the "original" and another image thats just Bell with the extra background already taken out, you can drag that image (Click and drag it from the layer window OR click and drag the actual image of Bell) to the original picture.

THis will give you the two layers that you need. If you didnt have two layers, then I suspect you copy and pasted to a new image.

Another way to create a duplicate layer is to go Menu: Duplicate Layer

And yet another way is illustrated below (red arrows, drag from top to bottom, red highlighted circle is where you drop the layer you want to duplicate)
Thanks a ton, man. Now, it sucks and is ugly, but it IS my first attempt...
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